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[VID]Birkbeck menu inconsistency.mp42016-11-07 13:25 8.0M 
[VID]British History from 1750.mp42016-11-07 13:18 11M 
[VID]Cecilia Nguyen 20160929 BBK amazing but not shown by website.mp42016-11-07 13:23 8.8M 
[VID]Cecilia Nguyen 20160929 Leeds more modern appealing.mp42016-11-07 13:07 18M 
[VID]Cecilia Nguyen 20160929 basic and old school.mp42016-11-07 13:32 4.1M 
[VID]Cecilia Nguyen 20160929 contact form.mp42016-11-07 13:19 11M 
[VID]Cecilia Nguyen 20160929 images.mp42016-11-07 13:26 7.2M 
[VID]Cecilia Nguyen 20160929 one giant forum.mp42016-11-07 13:20 10M 
[VID]Cecilia Nguyen 20160929 open evening changed my mind.mp42016-11-07 13:33 3.0M 
[VID]Cecilia Nguyen 20160929 pictures are lame.mp42016-11-07 13:28 6.4M 
[VID]Cecilia Nguyen 20160929 quick update of year abroad info.mp42016-11-07 13:28 6.0M 
[VID]Chandran 20161006 navigation confusion.mp42016-11-07 13:34 2.7M 
[VID]Christine Yeboah 20160929 Oxford Brookes autocomplete.mp42016-11-07 13:34 2.3M 
[VID]Christine Yeboah 20160929 Oxford Brookes course page.mp42016-11-07 13:21 9.6M 
[VID]Christine Yeboah 20160929 Oxford Brookes do not welcome access qualification.mp42016-11-07 13:33 3.7M 
[VID]Christine Yeboah 20160929 access to HE welcomed.mp42016-11-07 13:28 6.4M 
[VID]Christine Yeboah 20160929 compares KCL and Birkbeck - the whole subject.mp42016-11-07 13:20 10M 
[VID]Christine Yeboah 20160929 course finder issue.mp42016-11-07 13:34 2.2M 
[VID]Christine Yeboah 20160929 critique of videos.mp42016-11-07 13:02 22M 
[VID]Christine Yeboah 20160929 describes KCL website.mp42016-11-07 13:13 13M 
[VID]Christine Yeboah 20160929 describes Oxford Brookes video.mp42016-11-07 13:17 11M 
[VID]Christine Yeboah 20160929 describes Oxford Brookes video tour.mp42016-11-07 13:24 8.1M 
[VID]Christine Yeboah 20160929 describes Oxford Brookes website.mp42016-11-07 13:26 7.4M 
[VID]Christine Yeboah 20160929 they kept emailing me about the open evening.mp42016-11-07 13:34 2.5M 
[VID]Elizabeth McGroarty 20160930 BBK grid vs Warwick tabs.mp42016-11-07 13:22 9.1M 
[VID]Elizabeth McGroarty 20160930 BBKs independent people - change - different.mp42016-11-07 13:14 12M 
[VID]Elizabeth McGroarty 20160930 Bath Spa hidden course finder.mp42016-11-07 13:34 2.0M 
[VID]Elizabeth McGroarty 20160930 Warwick videos.mp42016-11-07 13:12 14M 
[VID]Elizabeth McGroarty 20160930 concrete and solid.mp42016-11-07 13:33 3.2M 
[VID]Elizabeth McGroarty 20160930 course handbook.mp42016-11-07 13:33 2.8M 
[VID]Elizabeth McGroarty 20160930 difference between BBK and its website.mp42016-11-07 13:13 13M 
[VID]Elizabeth McGroarty 20160930 distractions.mp42016-11-07 13:27 6.5M 
[VID]Elizabeth McGroarty 20160930 module and academic pages.mp42016-11-07 13:06 18M 
[VID]Krishnamoorthy 20161006 apply now in the wrong place.mp42016-11-07 13:30 5.1M 
[VID]Krishnamoorthy 20161006 initial impressions - open evening - clear.mp42016-11-07 13:31 4.5M 
[VID]Krishnamoorthy 20161006 study skills.mp42016-11-07 13:33 3.2M 
[VID]Krishnamoorthy 20161006 useful handbook and timetable from last year.mp42016-11-07 13:32 4.3M 
[VID]Krishnamoorthy 20161006 wants email address for dept.mp42016-11-07 13:34 2.1M 
[VID]Marlene Levoy 20160930 carer - got timetable early.mp42016-11-07 13:19 10M 
[VID]Marlene Levoy 20160930 special needs - carers.mp42016-11-07 13:16 12M 
[VID]Oke Idehen 20161004 information is straight to the point pictures good and site not too busy.mp42016-11-07 13:11 15M 
[VID]Oke Idehen 20161004 the emails have been spot-on.mp42016-11-07 13:34 1.8M 
[VID]Oke Idehen 20161004 top 10 in the UK - that is a selling point.mp42016-11-07 13:29 5.6M 
[VID]Rebecca Hack 20161004 course details really informative.mp42016-11-07 13:15 12M 
[VID]Rebecca Hack 20161004 enquiry form and comparisons of different university helpfulness.mp42016-11-07 13:01 23M 
[VID]Rebecca Hack 20161004 frustration with Moodle and My BBK being two sites.mp42016-11-07 13:31 4.7M 
[VID]Rebecca Hack 20161004 needed the timetable before making a decision.mp42016-11-07 13:17 11M 
[VID]Rebecca Hack 20161004 suggests chat feature to help with course selection.mp42016-11-07 13:24 8.6M 
[VID]Rebecca Hack 20161004 video generated more interest.mp42016-11-07 13:27 6.6M 
[VID]Rebecca Hack 20161004 videos really good.mp42016-11-07 13:25 7.8M 
[VID]Rebecca Hack 20161004 website easy to use in every way.mp42016-11-07 13:30 4.9M 
[VID]Rebecca Hack 20161004 website simple easy to use - likes library online chat.mp42016-11-07 13:28 6.2M 
[VID]Richard Beckley 20161006 compares BBK with Westminster website.mp42016-11-07 12:59 48M 
[VID]Richard Beckley 20161006 doubts offer confidence.mp42016-11-07 13:27 6.4M 
[VID]Richard Beckley 20161006 emailed for reading list - answer never came.mp42016-11-07 13:35 1.6M 
[VID]Richard Beckley 20161006 had not noticed the small video.mp42016-11-07 13:34 2.4M 
[VID]Richard Beckley 20161006 images show diversity.mp42016-11-07 13:01 23M 
[VID]Richard Beckley 20161006 impression of BBK from the website - compares favourably with Westminster.mp42016-11-07 13:21 9.6M 
[VID]Richard Beckley 20161006 layout works very well - can see where I am.mp42016-11-07 13:29 5.9M 
[VID]Richard Beckley 20161006 lecturer research interests.mp42016-11-07 13:29 5.9M 
[VID]Richard Beckley 20161006 looking for subjects.mp42016-11-07 13:09 17M 
[VID]Richard Beckley 20161006 no reading list for core module - anxiety returning to education after 30 years.mp42016-11-07 13:22 9.4M 
[VID]Richard Beckley 20161006 orientation app was not useful.mp42016-11-07 13:08 18M 
[VID]Richard Beckley 20161006 pictures work really well.mp42016-11-07 13:34 2.2M 
[VID]Richard Beckley 20161006 pointing you in the right direction for study - example from orientation session.mp42016-11-07 13:05 19M 
[VID]Richard Beckley 20161006 reveal arrows too subtle and could be missed.mp42016-11-07 13:27 6.6M 
[VID]Richard Beckley 20161006 small typography and cramped lists are not good.mp42016-11-07 13:26 7.3M 
[VID]Richard Beckley 20161006 wants more academic information earlier on.mp42016-11-07 13:31 4.6M 
[VID]Richard Morkill 20161005 BBK Moodle looks better and feels better than website.mp42016-11-07 13:30 5.3M 
[VID]Richard Morkill 20161005 BBK Moodle reflects BBK people better than website.mp42016-11-07 13:27 7.1M 
[VID]Richard Morkill 20161005 BBK academic profile pages look empty.mp42016-11-07 13:08 18M 
[VID]Richard Morkill 20161005 BBK people are dynamic and the website is not.mp42016-11-07 13:19 11M 
[VID]Richard Morkill 20161005 Leicester is easier to use than BBK.mp42016-11-07 13:07 18M 
[VID]Richard Morkill 20161005 Southampton positive impression - BBK ages profile.mp42016-11-07 13:03 22M 
[VID]Richard Morkill 20161005 accessibility issues with BBK design.mp42016-11-07 13:26 7.4M 
[VID]Richard Morkill 20161005 application process was fairly straightforward.mp42016-11-07 13:25 7.8M 
[VID]Richard Morkill 20161005 critical of BBK website usability.mp42016-11-07 13:33 3.0M 
[VID]Richard Morkill 20161005 describes email correspondence with BBK but cannot find address.mp42016-11-07 13:03 21M 
[VID]Richard Morkill 20161005 did not remember any video on BBK - but does on Cambridge site.mp42016-11-07 13:22 9.5M 
[VID]Richard Morkill 20161005 good quick responses to emailed questions.mp42016-11-07 13:23 9.0M 
[VID]Richard Morkill 20161005 got timetable information from an administrator.mp42016-11-07 13:09 17M 
[VID]Richard Morkill 20161005 one handbook still not available - scheduling issues with shift work.mp42016-11-07 13:11 15M 
[VID]Richard Morkill 20161005 positive about Leicester - negative about BBK.mp42016-11-07 13:20 9.9M 
[VID]Richard Morkill 20161005 positive about organisation of Southampton website.mp42016-11-07 13:25 7.4M 
[VID]Richard Morkill 20161005 routes to course pages.mp42016-11-07 13:27 6.5M 
[VID]Richard Morkill 20161005 suggestion for improved BBK course page layout.mp42016-11-07 13:29 5.4M 
[VID]Richard Morkill 20161005 suggestions for improved BBK course page layout.mp42016-11-07 13:16 11M 
[VID]Richard Morkill 20161005 suggests link to govt student finance site.mp42016-11-07 13:31 4.6M 
[VID]Richard Morkill 20161005 trying to find link to external bursaries he had seen before.mp42016-11-07 13:00 32M 
[VID]Richard Morkill 20161005 very critical of Open Uni website.mp42016-11-07 13:15 12M 
[VID]Sarbjit Ruprai 20160929 BBK people at open evening guided me in the right direction.mp42016-11-07 13:32 3.9M 
[VID]Sarbjit Ruprai 20160929 admin contact has been amazing.mp42016-11-07 13:28 5.9M 
[VID]Sarbjit Ruprai 20160929 application form was OK after I got there.mp42016-11-07 13:35 1.5M 
[VID]Sarbjit Ruprai 20160929 finding Counselling certificate course.mp42016-11-07 13:34 2.2M 
[VID]Sarbjit Ruprai 20160929 finds white text difficult.mp42016-11-07 13:35 1.8M 
[VID]Sarbjit Ruprai 20160929 information on entry requirements was good.mp42016-11-07 13:31 4.6M 
[VID]Sarbjit Ruprai 20160929 liked handbook being available.mp42016-11-07 13:34 2.4M 
[VID]Sarbjit Ruprai 20160929 liked videos - quality good.mp42016-11-07 13:32 3.9M 
[VID]Sarbjit Ruprai 20160929 likes the home page and images but the ease of finding information is not perfect.mp42016-11-07 13:33 3.7M 
[VID]Sarbjit Ruprai 20160929 open evening - finding and applying was easy.mp42016-11-07 13:32 4.0M 
[VID]Sarbjit Ruprai 20160929 reads Psychology dept and main BBK tweets.mp42016-11-07 13:31 4.4M 
[VID]Sarbjit Ruprai 20160929 really like benefits of PG study videos.mp42016-11-07 13:35 1.6M 
[VID]Sarbjit Ruprai 20160929 requested advice by email about how to apply.mp42016-11-07 13:24 8.4M 
[VID]Sarbjit Ruprai 20160929 trying to apply - was not sure what I was supposed to do.mp42016-11-07 13:32 4.4M 
[VID]Sarbjit Ruprai 20160929 used department videos as first content to assess whether BBK had the right course.mp42016-11-07 13:24 8.7M 
[VID]Sarbjit Ruprai 20160929 videos conveyed experience encountered at open evening.mp42016-11-07 13:33 2.7M 
[VID]Sarbjit Ruprai 20160929 went to BBKs youtube page - videos really helped.mp42016-11-07 13:12 13M 
[VID]Tran Cam Thu 20161005 BBK academic profiles better than Monash U.mp42016-11-07 13:34 2.5M 
[VID]Tran Cam Thu 20161005 BBK site is a bit boring.mp42016-11-07 13:22 9.2M 
[VID]Tran Cam Thu 20161005 BBK vids just like other uni vids - students say the same thing - except BBK students working and studying.mp42016-11-07 13:29 5.8M 
[VID]Tran Cam Thu 20161005 Surrey is modern vibrant dynamic.mp42016-11-07 13:04 20M 
[VID]Tran Cam Thu 20161005 about us should be on one of the tabs.mp42016-11-07 13:32 4.2M 
[VID]Tran Cam Thu 20161005 compares BBK and Newcastle course pages.mp42016-11-07 13:20 10M 
[VID]Tran Cam Thu 20161005 costs information is clear.mp42016-11-07 13:33 3.8M 
[VID]Tran Cam Thu 20161005 course structure information and detail is good.mp42016-11-07 13:14 12M 
[VID]Tran Cam Thu 20161005 entry requirements are clear.mp42016-11-07 13:18 11M 
[VID]Tran Cam Thu 20161005 eventually finds her course.mp42016-11-07 13:05 19M 
[VID]Tran Cam Thu 20161005 faded photos on BBK do not grab attention - Warwick photos better.mp42016-11-07 13:23 8.7M 
[VID]Tran Cam Thu 20161005 finds course quickly on Newcastle site.mp42016-11-07 13:25 7.8M 
[VID]Tran Cam Thu 20161005 fonts and colours a bit difficult.mp42016-11-07 13:30 5.1M 
[VID]Tran Cam Thu 20161005 greys and blues make BBK seem older.mp42016-11-07 13:14 12M 
[VID]Tran Cam Thu 20161005 has difficulty finding a scholarship she has received - not on main list - only on international.mp42016-11-07 13:00 28M 
[VID]Tran Cam Thu 20161005 has problems finding her course.mp42016-11-07 13:15 12M 
[VID]Tran Cam Thu 20161005 mixed response to Warwick - good photos - not as easy to use as Surrey.mp42016-11-07 13:10 16M 
[VID]Tran Cam Thu 20161005 problem with fee payment and slow enrolment.mp42016-11-07 13:10 16M 
[VID]Tran Cam Thu 20161005 visa information better than home office website.mp42016-11-07 13:30 5.1M 

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